What am I doing?

12/11/13 So I’m starting a Bible study. It has all sort of unfolded before my eyes and one thing has led to another. I’m simultaneously excited and terrified! All week the devil on my shoulder has been telling me, “You can’t do this! Your not a leader! You’re going to have to speak to a crowd, and make […]

Everyday Apostle

12-8-13 Sometimes it is so hard to share my faith. I worry about what people will think. I get it in my head that if I share outwardly my relationship with God, people will think I’m all high and mighty. They will hold me to an unreachable standard, and when I fall they will call […]


12/4/13 Several months ago I happened upon an amazing website that listed hundreds of awesome “Mommy Blogs.” I daydreamed about the day my blog would be listed, but the process was lengthy. According to the rules, I needed to have my blog up and going for 3 months before I could even apply! Here we are […]

Chasing Rainbows

11/20/13 Rainbows have always been a source of intrigue for me. When I was little, I plastered my papers with them. And I was totally enamored with those prisms that split the light, creating rainbows on the floor of our kitchen and bathroom. So when Tony was 4 and I spotted a rainbow in the […]


11/11/13 Today I sat on the floor and helped Cooper put together his newest favorite puzzle. It is one of those cardboard ones that has the outline of the puzzle pieces. As I watched him try to ram a puzzle piece into a spot that it clearly did not go, it struck me how similar […]

One in a Million

10-12-13 I am in Nashville right now for a conference given by New York Times Bestselling Author Donald Miller http://storylineblog.com/ In this city of dreamers it is easy to feel like just one of a million. What comfort to know that with God we are all one in a million. Our story doesn’t get lost in the crowd. He is co-writer and […]

Whatever It Is

10-7-2013 One morning, Tony, Cooper, and I were eating breakfast at the dining room table. We all wake up slowly, and we were still in our morning haze hunched over our cereal. Out of nowhere Cooper looked at Tony and said, “Tony, whatever you say, give it to God!”  Tony giggled and said, “Coo-per, what […]

The God Space

09-17-2013 A few months ago I was talking with a fellow cancer mom. Inevitably our conversation drifted to cancer, and as usual we almost got sucked into the “what if” conversation…What if the cancer comes back. What if their body can’t handle it. What if… There are a million “what ifs” in life — and […]