Tackling Giants

9-12-2013 At the St. Mike’s back-to-school picnic, I found myself explaining to the people at our table that Cooper is still weak from all the chemo he takes. Not two seconds later, I spotted Cooper take off at top speed across the park headed for the fourth grade football game. In disbelief and fear, I […]

Faith Like a Child

8/27/13 Sometimes my 6-year-old, Tony, says things that just absolutely stop me in my tracks. Recently we were sitting at the dinner table when he started tearing up. When I asked what was wrong he said, “Mom, do you remember when I threw Cooper’s special thing on the ground on our Make-A-Wish trip? I feel […]

Survival Mode

05/29/13 When Cooper was first diagnosed I went into what I called “survival mode”. Everyone said I was so strong. Oh brother, I wanted to punch them in the face! I wasn’t strong, I was trying not to completely loose my mind! I couldn’t think about the future, because I literally could not handle it. […]

Swing low…er

5-8-13 The constant back yard conundrum, do I make my 6-year-old swing lower so he doesn’t accidentally kick his brother in the head or do I teach my 3-year-old to watch where he is walking? It lends itself to such bigger issues. Do we constantly try to force the world around us to change so […]