How to Be Still with God

  Everyone keeps saying “be still with God” but what does that even mean? How do you do it? That’s a really good question, and it’s why I created the 7-Day Prayer Challenge as a free gift for you. The 7-Day Prayer Challenge will help you understand what it means to be still with God and […]

When you have a million other things to do, what’s the motivation to take time to pray? In this post, find out the secret reason I can’t skip my prayer time.

Do you love a good massage as much as I do? Oh my goodness — glorious relaxation! Massages aren’t a luxury I indulge in very often anymore. However, for Christmas last year I received two gift certificates. I keep meaning to call and schedule an appointment, but it hasn’t happened yet. So today, as I […]

End of Cancer Celebration!

The last few weeks have been an amazing time of celebration and change for our family as our youngest son, Cooper, completed his three-year cancer treatment. (Some of you have seen pictures on Facebook. If we aren’t Facebook friends yet, click here so you don’t miss the fun!) My head is spinning with all the […]