Let's draw names this Christmas. Get a chance to win some great gifts!

A Christmas Gift for You



Happy Advent and Merry Christmas! I couldn’t let this season of celebrating Jesus’ birth go by without giving you some gifts!

But since there are so many of you and just one of me, it’s going to have to be more of a let’s-draw-names-for-Christmas situation this year.

To put your name in the hat and join us for the 7-Day Prayer Challenge this January, enter your name and email here: Become a Genuflected Prayer and Enter for a Chance to Win.

(If you are already signed up for the 7-Day Prayer Challenge, then you are automatically entered to win!)

Here are the two great gifts I have planned for two lucky Genuflected Prayers:

Fun present #1:

These three books are all written by lawyer and former judge, Soraya Diase Coffelt, who  started the Stars of the Sky Foundation in 2012 to assist with the physical and spiritual needs of children. 

The books are cute letters to the different main characters in each book explaining the true meaning behind each holiday. The Christmas one is my favorite!

(If you aren’t a winner, consider buying a book for that cute little turkey in your life, because all the author’s proceeds from the sale of the books go to the Stars of the Sky Foundation.)

Fun present #2:

A free copy of MercyMe’s latest Christmas CD: MercyMe It’s Christmas! The songs are just as lovely as you would expect, and the CD definitely gets you in the mood to celebrate our Savior’s birth!

(Pizza Ranch gave me this CD to pass along to you. If you aren’t a winner, you can get a free copy at any Pizza Ranch location when you buy a $25 gift certificate. Otherwise, buy the CD for just $5 +tax at Pizza Ranch, which is a pretty great deal considering Amazon is selling them for $9.99 right now. Added perk: the Pizza Ranch version has four bonus tracks.)

I’m so excited to pray with you in January! Don’t forget to sign up for the 7-Day Prayer Challenge (and a chance to win these great gifts) here: Become a Genuflected Prayer and Enter for a Chance to Win.

In the meantime, I hope you can feel my prayers for you as we prepare for our Savior’s birth.

Merry Christmas!




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  1. Hi Jenni, I am impressed with your accomplishments. I like your writing style. If you see Cal today, make him buy your books. Tell him he can give them to me for Christmas:-)

  2. Jennifer, thank you for your kind words! I did see Cal that day, but I didn’t get your message until afterwards. I’ll send him the links. 😉

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