When prayer is hard, here's God's response.

How to Feel God When Prayer Is Hard

I had a creepy experience at church the other day. We were at one of those churches where the wood, carpet and walls are all brown. The weather was dreary and somehow the light streaming through the windows was gray.

I was standing in the middle of the church, reciting a prayer and not thinking about a word I was saying, when I looked around at the faces next to me. We were all just droning on with an I’m-here-but-I’m-not-really-here expression.

An eerie feeling washed over me, like I was surrounded by a pack of Christian zombies… and I was one of them. We were dead to the words we were saying, acting as if we were paying homage to something dead as well.

We’d forgotten angels and saints were floating around in some realm just beyond our perception, rejoicing at what was happening on the altar. That God is alive and active.

I felt bad, but God is forgiving. He knows me better than I know myself.

God speaks words of comfort:

I know you can’t always see or feel me, but that joy in your heart and the times when you feel hope — I put those there.

When time passes without you noticing, that’s me filling your heart with joy. Helping you have fun in a world where God is seen as rules and boredom. I’m sad when you see me that way, because just the opposite is true. If you engage with me, and we have fun together, you’ll see.

And maybe your heart’s not ready to be still. Maybe your prayer is hard. But when we do things together, there in those moments, you see me. You feel me and know I exist. I created you with joy in mind. I love you and my heart is full when we’re together.

When we drift from God then return — either in moments of prayer or a lifetime of sin — our apology is met with joyful forgiveness.

God’s calling us all to Himself and the fun that awaits, because He’s created this world for us to enjoy together!

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