She’s Kind of Annoying


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Remember in my post It’s All My Fault when I was talking about suffering, and I said:

“And since then, we’ve had our ups and downs. When we are down, it’s really hard to admit that anything good could come of it all.”

Well today is threatening to be a down day.

Actually, it seems like pretty much any day we face any sort of treatment, it can easily turn into a “down day.” And this week we are facing Cooper’s monthly spinal and IV chemotherapy.

On the “down days” I laugh with contempt at Up-Days Jenni and her optimism as I think, “Tell me again, crazy lady, how your son having cancer could be anything but bad?”

Well, we all know misery loves company, and about the only thing that seems to get through to Down-Days Jenni is that God let his only son suffer big time.

I know that seems messed up, and I’m obviously not glad Jesus suffered. But the part that makes me feel better is the next part, that on Easter morning God rolled away the stone.

He rolled away the stone and turned all that bad into massive amounts of good – proof that turning bad into good is kind of God’s thing.

I can just hear Up-Days Jenni saying, “Don’t give up, Down-Days Jenni, trust God to roll away the stone on your suffering.”

She’s probably right, even if she is kind of annoying sometimes.

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4 thoughts on “She’s Kind of Annoying

  1. I believe the stone is slowly rolling away. Cooper will beat cancer and one day soon, things will be much more normal.

  2. I just found you through the blog love at Momastery. I loved your post so much I had to come and read more. You are entitled to be both Up-Days Jenni and Down Days Jenni with what you are facing. Cancer threatened to take my brother and so far he’s doing ok. I am so sorry your Cooper has to channel his inner warrior this young, and you also as his anchor. Cooper and your sweet family will be in my heart and my prayers every single day.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH! I’m grateful your brother is doing well. Success stories always bring hope and make me smile. Take care and thank you for reading!

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