Meet Jenni

Hello and welcome! 

I’m Jenni DeWitt, and I’m excited to get to know you better. Below is a little about me along with info on how we can connect through email or social media.

Things I love to do:

Camping with my family, playing fetch with my cat, eating dark chocolate, reading young adult and middle grade Christian fantasy fiction books, taking videos of my cat being hilarious, and watching Netflix.

How I started writing:

When I was in 4th grade, I won a writing contest and got to meet a published author. For a long time after that, I was convinced I’d be a writer one day.

But then life happened, and I ended up with a psychology degree and living in a small town smack dab in the middle of Nebraska with my husband and two little boys.

When our youngest son was diagnosed with cancer, we packed up and moved into a hospital room. Each day I wrote online, so our friends and family would know what was going on with his health. The more I wrote, the more I remembered how much I loved to write. So, as my son started to feel better, I kept writing.

Now he’s completely recovered (thank the Good Lord), and I’m still writing. I’ve published a couple non-fiction Christian books. Click here to see them.

And my first Christian YA fantasy fiction book is set to release in 2018! Click here to find out more.

Where you can find me:

In real life, I’m probably reading a book on the shore of some obscure Nebraska lake, but online you can find me here: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, or send me an email at

I hope we can get to know each other. I love to hear from my readers, so don’t be afraid to say hi!


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