Prayer Made Simple…and Life Changing

When we go on long trips, we like to say a little prayer as we’re just getting started. You know, for safe travel and a fun time.

About a year ago, we were going fishing. On a whim, I invited Jesus along. In the Bible, He and his buddies are always fishing or hanging out in boats, so it seemed like a good idea. Something He would enjoy.

We had the best trip. I can’t even remember if we caught any fish or not, but we had especially good quality time together as a family, and it was so fun.

After that, I started trying to remember to invite Jesus along on every trip. He’s just a great guy to have around. Even if you can’t see or hear Him, you can feel His presence in ways you sometimes don’t even notice until you’re reflecting back on your trip.

A few months ago, this topic came up at our prayer group. It turns out some of my friends also invite Jesus along on their trips.

But one friend challenged us. What if we didn’t just invite Jesus on trips? What if we invited him into every aspect of our daily lives?

God will not overstep our boundaries. He won’t force His way into our day or our life. But if we invite Him in, we open the door. We free Him up to live and work and be in us.

So I’ve started inviting Jesus into all parts of my life. It’s been phenomenal to see what He can do when I very intentionally open the door for Him, because Jesus doesn’t just show up. He heals.

Here’s how to invite Jesus into your day:

If you’d like to accept my friend’s challenge to invite Jesus into every aspect of your life, all it takes is a simple prayer. “Jesus, I invite you into my day.”

You can add onto that if you’d like with more specifics. “Jesus, I invite you into my eating and drinking. My shopping, holiday celebrations, heck even my time on Facebook. Jesus, I invite you into my relationships with my family, co-workers and classmates. I invite you into my relationship with myself.”

The list could go on and on, but if you have a specific situation or person you are struggling with, invite Jesus into it. Those have been the easiest places for me to see Jesus at work in my own life.

And everything’s better with Jesus…even when it’s not. When the world and our life are a mess, Jesus will somehow find a way to give us a little glimpse of eternal joy or brief moments of hope.

There are so many different ways He does this. Sometimes it’s through perfect timing that makes a hard day feel less bad or His love shining through a stranger just when we need it most.

Invite Jesus into your life, and then start watching for the ways He shows up, because He will. When He does, your life will never be the same.

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