Do this and see how free it feels.

Do This and See How Free It Feels

What’s your self concept? Are you fat, skinny, smart, dumb? All these things add up to one. . . judgement of yourself and others, probably too, as they compare to you.

But what if you lived a life free of that? I’m talking about a world where you’re loved for who you are with no comparisons or “if/then” kinds of statements?

God loves you like that. I know it sounds cliche at this point and every Sunday school teacher has told you this for ages.

But how about if you lived it for a day or maybe even an hour like it might actually be true? If you convinced yourself or maybe just let yourself believe it?

How does it feel then? When you stand there in all your shame, disgust, self-pity and, just for a moment, your the daughter of a King. Free to do and be who you were created as a unique individual to be.

For now, just let it be okay. You are adored for your lovely heart. Loved and admired for the person you are meant to be inside. Not by some picture the world has given you of what is good and bad but truly, deeply, freely loved in every way.

Let that soak in. Be the daughter of the King for a while. Then see how free it feels.

No judgement, just love. Instant forgiveness, almost a millisecond before you even ask. Forgotten and brushed aside in the supreme joy of love for you, His daughter.

That’s the kind of love the King has for you. That’s the joy you bring into his heart.

If you feel it, let it soak in. Then let it reflect off of you and back to the King, this creator who made you to feel joy and love. Not the hurt and sadness this world can bring.

Amen, good day.

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